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OldPain2Go ®

OldPain2Go® is a method of using your own internal system (your sub/unconscious mind) to eradicate or lower the old pain message that blights your life.

The main purpose of the sub/unconscious mind is to keep you safe and it controls all the ‘automatic’ actions that we do throughout our lives 24/7 with no conscious awareness needed.

In brief we are amazing beings and pain is there for a reason, it sends an alarm signal until we take notice.  Sometimes for whatever reason, it does not switch off, even though it is no longer needed. 

In a session of OldPain2Go®  the alarm is switched off for the OLD PAIN, and message deleted (like on an answering machine, it is impossible to get the message back).  In some extreme cases people ‘need’ to still have some pain and this can be reduced to a manageable level that they are happy with.

You will still be alerted to new pain.

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